RHC Board

The Board of Commissioners is at the top of the organizational structure of a Public Housing Agency. The board operates on behalf of the local government to serve the housing needs and interests of the community’s low-income household.

The Rockford Housing Commission is governed by a five-member board appointed by the Rockford City Manager and approved by the City Commission. These dedicated community volunteers set policies, adopt and oversee budgets, hire and retain a qualified Executive Director, serve as an advocate for housing, and ensure that the PHA operates in a manner that is efficient, within the law, and prevents mismanagement, fraud and discrimination. These roles and responsibilities help ensure the continuing success of our affordable housing program.

In the year 2014, the following people serve on the Board of Commissioners with the Rockford Housing Commission:

  • Steve Ellis, President
  • Lisa Hansen, Vice President
  • Terry Konkle, Commissioner
  • Richard Johnston, Commissioner
  • Marlene Gretzinger, Resident Commissioner